Too Hot to Play Outside…

Hello Fellow Pinners,

It has been awfully hot in the Midwest this week! This afternoon brought a bit of rain and my favorite little toddler needed something new to do. His dad is in Canada for the week on a fishing trip!  Off to Pinterest I went and saw this box idea! Luckily, Justin just had a large box arrive a few weeks ago from Tackle Warehouse!

The original pin can be found in my board, “My Favorite Little Man.”

Lane had so much fun coloring and putting stickers on the box while sitting inside and listening to his favorite music on Spotify! He was busy for over an hour with a few breaks where the box became a race car that sped through the hallways as fast as his mom fueled engine could go! #boymom 

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Hello Fellow Pinners,

So I have been on blogger’s hiatus.  The projects haven’t stopped, I just haven’t been able to get them posted.  We have very little free time, but I am making the blog a priority this year.  We will just say I am starting my New Year’s Resolution early!

We had some much needed relaxation over Thanksgiving.  We drove from Iowa to San Antonio, Texas to visit a great friend who is stationed at Lackland.  The time spent together is short, but very valued and always full of so many memories.  We hung out in much warmer weather, had a great meal, spent time on the River Walk, and took Lane to Sea World (it was a first for everyone, but me).  Lane was mesmerized by the Killer Whales.  He is still talking about them.

The house is starting to fill up with our Christmas traditions.  I am working on gathering all the photographs for a virtual Christmas home tour.  A great way to show off holiday pins and some of my own personal favorites.

A tradition we have started is Elf on the Shelf.  Elf was sent to us from Gramma Great!!  We let Lane name Elf this year…drumroll please…Meet Elf, the Elf.  We have a very original two year old, folks!  Here are our first few shenanigans with Elf.  Lane has loved waking up to look for Elf.

To find some AMAZING Elf ideas, check out our All Things Holidays board.  Here are our finds for Elf this year.  I will continue to update this post every few days as Elf continues his mischievous antics.

This has been more fun than I was expecting.  It is all about the reaction!

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Keep checking this post for Elf updates as Christmas draws near!  The blog is about the become Christmas central.

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One Year…

Hello Fellow Pinners!

One year ago today we became first time homeowners!  It IMG_2593has been a whirlwind of a year full of so many wonderful changes!  I cannot believe how much we have done in one year.  Justin has added firefighter/EMT to his belt, along with teaching full-time and building all of my projects!  I have changed schools and started blogging.  Lane is another year older and has changed so much!  We have made so many memories and met so many wonderful new friends on this journey.  We are truly blessed to be so fortunate.  I cannot believe we have lived in our beautiful home for a year!

We have accomplished so many projects!  So many still haven’t hit the blog yet because as I IMG_2592look around they are everyone.  There are also so many projects already in the works.  We have painted all but four rooms in our house and added a home theater system to the basement.  I am slowly starting to become handier and I am in the process of picking out my very first solo project with Justin’s guidance.

In honor of our first year in our home, I am going to highlight a project that is on our gallery wall.  We framed one of our house keys to be featured on our living room wall.

Here is the original pin from the “Our First Home” board!

Here is how ours turned out!  I love this little project.  It warms my heart when I think about all the memories we have made and will make in the future in this home.


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Patio Set

Hello Fellow Pinners!

Just a reminder you can follow us on Instagram @makinpinteresthappen and on Twitter @makinpinterest to see our projects and even get sneak peaks as we are working on them.

One of our biggest projects was our patio/deck table and seating.  Of course, I wanted to go the DIY route because my husband is really handy (and it saves a ton of money).  I love having him build our furniture and various projects around the house.  It just makes me happy!  I love that he is always willing to take on these projects and always gets them done so quick!  I knew I wanted a farmhouse table for our deck, but we didn’t have the space.  When I ran across this pin, I knew this was exactly what I wanted.  And to no one’s surprise, it came from Shanty-2-Chic and Ana White.  They partnered together in the posting and building of this table.  I have definitely started pinning a lot more Ana White projects after this build!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 7.51.15 PM

This project went so quick.  He had it done in TWO DAYS!  Here are the photos from our build.  I was not a lot of help on this build at all, I have been busy sanding down a bench for our entry way.  This project would be next to impossible without our Kreg Jig, Craftsman Miter Saw, and DeWalt Drill!  Justin uses those three tools without fail on nearly every project we have done.

My sister found this really neat way to stain her entry table, so we replicated her process. I am not sure where she originally found it, but I love it.  You mix equal parts water and white paint (we used Behr’s Ultra Premium Plus in Snow White).  You apply it with a paint brush and wipe it off like you would a stain.  Let that dry overnight.  The next day we applied our Minwax Dark Walnut stain with a rag wiping it off as we applied it.  We let that dry all day.  Then late that evening, Justin applied Minwax’s Indoor/Outdoor Helmsman Spar Urethane in the Clear Semi-Gloss.  Our table is very exposed to the elements on our deck, so he put on two coats.


This table turned out amazing. It is the perfect size for our deck and we love using it to entertain.  We found the chairs at Omaha’s Nebraska Furniture Mart for about $25.00 each (we bought six).  The table comfortably seats six, but we keep four with the table and two on the front patio until we need them at the table.  Another perfect find on Pinterest for our first home!  Another job well done by my husband.  Our house wouldn’t feel like a home without all of his hard work.



DSC_0031   DSC_0019   DSC_0032

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Meet Elephant

Hello Fellow Pinners,

There is a new addition in our house! We expanded the family to now include a Beta fish from our local PetCo! We let Lane name him…so let us introduce  Elephant, the fish!

When my husband went to Wal-Mart to get Ball Mason Jars for canning, he found a one gallon jar! He knew I would use it to decorate our house!  The mason jar is now where Elephant calls home!  We used the Ball gallon mason jar, river rock (small and medium) from At Home, and the Beta Buddy moss balls from PetCo to give Elephant a happy home.

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Unfortunately the mason jar had a crack in it! I returned it to Wal-Mart with ease (even without a receipt or UPC)! Our area stores no longer had them, so my mother-in-law saved the day and found us a replacement at their local store!

Here are my “pinspirations” for this project!  Click the photos to take you to our original pins.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.52.26 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.52.33 AM

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Gallery Wall-So Many Pins in ONE Place

Hello Fellow Pinners,

I hope you have been able to enjoy some beautiful summer weather!  Our Iowa weather has been wonderful the last few weeks.  A little rainy, but bearable and we have been able to spend time outdoors with our favorite little guy.  A project that we have slowly been working on since we moved into our house almost ONE year ago is our gallery wall in our living room.

When we started working on our gallery wall, I looked to Pinterest to find ways to organize, arrange, and include pieces and photographs that were special to us.  It went up really quick, but we struggled to find the final two pieces we needed to make it complete.  The final two pieces came together this summer.  The first piece is an original artwork from a local Des Moines artist (a gift from one of my third grade students), the second was the barn wood style sign from Hobby Lobby.

Here were our inspirations for the gallery wall.  The photo captions can be copied into your browser to see the original pins on the “Our First Home” board.

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The gallery wall is such a wonderful place in our home.  It houses so many special memories for our family.  It took a lot of arranging and rearranging, but I LOVE this wall!  The wall we selected for this project ended up being perfect.

DSC_0046Here is a breakdown of our gallery wall!

The Chevron L, ampersand, blue square frame with flower pendant, and the faux barn wood sign came from Hobby Lobby.  The L was on clearance last summer, I spray painted the wood ampersand with a teal spray paint from Home Depot.  The “Life is perfect when you are next to me sign” is still available in stores.  I could not find it online.  The blue frame will hold a sheep broach from my Great Grandma’s house.  Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon for any one regular priced item.  You can pull it right up on your smart phone or Hobby Lobby app while standing in line to check out.

The two Better Homes & Gardens frames from below came from Wal-Mart.  I found the navy heart print on the Lemon Jitters blog (it comes in multiple colors) and they framed key is the key to our first home together.

The frames for these next three pictures came from Michael’s.  Michael’s usually has fantastic sales on their picture frames.  I always start there first when searching for pictures frames.  They have a wide selection of all types of frames, even unique sizes.    Plus, if you are an educator and take your teacher I.D. in they will give you an extra 15% off of your ENTIRE purchase (school or personal).  The frame of my husband, son, and I was done as a gift by my mother and mother-in-law when I hosted Thanksgiving.  It was such a great idea and I absolutely love it.

Gordmans is another fantastic place to find great home decor at reasonable prices.  Two of our pieces on our gallery wall came from our local store.  I can always find great signs, storage ideas, pictures frames, and holiday decorations when visiting our local store.  It can be dangerous from time to time.

One of my favorite pieces on the wall is the arrow cross stitch that my Mom did for our wall.  I found the pattern on Pinterest and mom had it finished in less than an hour.  We found the perfect frame for the cross stitch at our local At Home store.  It has been open less than a year, but I feel like I could become a regular there.

Here are the rest of the pieces we used to complete our gallery wall.  They are pieces we have had or received as gifts throughout the years.

The gallery wall turned out to be everything I wanted it to be.  We combined so many ideas and pieces to make a unique display in our first “formal” living room.  This is definitely a Pinterest WIN!

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Storage Switch Up

Hello Fellow Pinners,

As our little man gets older, storage needs have changed.  Lane is Mr. Independent and likes to get his toys and books for himself.  Our current storage solution of the cubby system in the closet was no longer functional for him, because he can’t open his closet door. So per the norm I sought out help on Pinterest! I found this gem and instantly started searching for how to create this in Lane’s room!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 7.43.32 PM

I found that they had used IKEA’s picture ledges and spice racks! We don’t have an IKEA all too close to us, so I started looking through my Pinterest boards! If anyone is surprised, Shanty-2-Chic came to save the day! We created four of their picture ledge style shelves to model the two ledges and two spice racks in the original post!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.00.34 PM

Lane loves his storage switch up! He has no problems getting his toys and books out and even putting them away.

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Room Essential 9 Cube Organizer and Room Essential Fabric Bins – Target

Locker Basket (for stuffed animals) – Gordmans

Picture Ledge Style ShelvesShanty-2-Chic (lumber from Home Depot, Craftsman air pump and brad nailer, Behr Ultra Premium Plus Snow White Paint)

Keep on Pinning!