Space Saver!

Hello Fellow Pinners-

Sorry the posts have been nonexistent!  We have been busy getting our house ready for our first Thanksgiving.  We are hosting my family, my husband’s family, and a few friends.  Let’s just say, I will have a few posts coming over Thanksgiving break.  Home Depot has been a frequented spot for my husband these past few weeks.

When we moved from our apartment, our son’s room got much smaller.  We found that all of his furniture from his nursery wouldn’t fit.  We lost a lot of storage and with a 19-month old, that is a BIG DEAL!  So, I turned to Pinterest for space saving organization ideas for his bedroom.  This is what I found.

Baby Room Idea

His new closet was perfect for this!  I headed to Target and found the perfect cubby system and fabric bins to match his Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood theme and colors.  I was very happy with how we nailed this Pinterest find!

 DSC_0148  DSC_0166


Pin on our board (Left)/Our Version (Right)

-Keep on Pinning!-


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