It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Happy Holidays, Pinners!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of wonderful food and time with those you love.  Our holiday weekend was spent with family and friends and combining our two family’s holiday traditions for the first time.  We had my husband’s great-grandmother’s homemade cranberry sauce and the traditional green bean casserole, along with the day after turkey and noodles.  From my side, Christmas music began to fill our house, the Christmas tree was selected and the house decorating began on Friday, while my son and my mother made Christmas cookies for the first time together.  It was a deeply touching week to watch our families merge and celebrate together.

It is also touched with a tinge of sadness.  This will be my family’s first Christmas without our Grandma Great.  As, I decorated my house and my mom decorated her house, Grandma’s memories flooded our homes.  She gave us all so many wonderful memories and ornaments for our tree to go with them.  And then a Facebook post that I will forever be grateful for, a chance to hear her voice again.  My cousin posted a video of Grandma Great reading a recorded Hallmark book!

I love decorating for the holidays, so there will be many holiday posts in the upcoming days.  Christmas is full of so many traditions for our family that have been passed down from our family’s and we are now passing them down to our son.

-Keep on Pinning!-


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