Keepin’ That Christmas Spirit Alive

Yes, Valentine’s Day is days away and I am posting about Christmas.  We traveled back to our home state of Kansas over the holidays to realize I had left our camera with the pictures for a Christmas blog post at home.  So this post will wrap our our Christmas wins.

My first is our beautiful stocking holders that come from Shanty-2-Chic.  I absolutely love the personal touch of the photographs.  Here is the original pin from my “All Things Holidays” board on Pinterest.  You can click on the link to find Shanty-2-Chic’s original post.

Shanty-2-Chic Stocking Holders

I absolutely adore how our holders turned out.  My husband did a fantastic job.  We were able to find everything except for the cute little alligator clips from their original project.  We ended up using upholstery tacks from Hobby Lobby to attach our pictures to the wood block.  You can click on the individual images to make them larger!

We hope your family had a wonderful holiday season!
-Keep on Pinning!-


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