Anniversary Gifts & Scrabble Tiles…Great Combination

Hello Fellow Pinners!

Let the flood of blog posts begin!  This week has been full of organizing the pictures of our projects and finding/taking screenshots of all the projects to link them in the blog for readers to easily access!

My parents are amazing!  They are a perfect example of what it means to marry your best friend.  They are high school sweethearts and survived raising my sister and I, which is no easy feat!  🙂  They are so giving, loving, and have always been there for us.  In the past five years, our family has grown with the addition of two son-in-laws and their first grandson!  Things have changed so much since their first dance in high school.  My parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary last February and I wanted to do something that showed how our family has changed over those 32 years.

Wedding PictureAnniversary Gift Current Photo

After looking at Pinterest, I found these two pins.  I put my own personal spin on them.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.33.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.35.11 PM Click on photos to visit the original pin on our “Our First Home” board.

We tried originally hot gluing the letters onto the glass of the frame with the burlap behind it.  With the heat and humidity of southern Kansas, they slowly began to pop off!  So my mom glued the tiles directly onto the burlap and we had SUCCESS!!

Keep on Pinning!


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