Basement Sofa Table

Hello Fellow Pinners!

Projects are in full swing at our house!  Justin has been busy painting the basement, working on four or five of my Pinterest project, and teaching me how to build, paint, and stain our projects.  We are finishing our house with tons of Pinterest projects.  As I was going through my boards, I couldn’t believe all of the projects we have completed for our home!  It has been such an amazing experience and I am so grateful that my handy husband takes time to look at ALL of my ideas.  I truly love being able to say “My husband made that.” when people come over and compliment our projects!

My dad and husband built this beautiful cedar and wrought iron table on my parents farm a few years back.  The cedar log came from a very special place in my hometown of Belle Plaine, Kansas.  It is from the Bartlett Arboretum.  Belle Plaine is the tiniest of places and you would never expect to find something so beautiful in a town that size.  I have so many memories there that I will always cherish.  This place is majestic and captivating.  It is nature and beauty in the purest of forms.  If you are ever in the vicinity, it is worth a detour!

The table had a perfect spot in our apartment, but when we moved to our new house, I couldn’t decide where to put it.  I wanted it to be in a place that we spend most of our time.  So naturally I went to Pinterest and looked for sofa table ideas.  This was my favorite!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 1.40.14 PM

Coming from an apartment, we had a really nice sectional from Nebraska Furniture Mart, but not many other options for seating.  So when we purchased our new counter height kitchen table, we bought the three additional chairs to go downstairs, instead of seating eight at our dining table all the time.  The chairs also came from Nebraska Furniture Mart, but can also be found at Homemakers.  I love this Pinterest Win!


Here are just a few of my favorite recent memories at the arboretum.  We took our first family pictures there after our son was born, my sister’s bridal shower, and her gorgeous wedding photographs!

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Keep on Pinning!


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