Hello Fellow Pinners!

I hope you had an awesome week! I spent my week in one of my favorite cities! Some of you know, I am a teacher! I recently switched jobs and the school I will be at next year is going to be one of the first New Tech Network schools in Iowa!

This past week our staff went to Chicago for NTAC 2015, their national conference! I am so excited for the school year to start! It was an amazing conference and I feel so rejuvenated! This week has been inspiring! I have included some pictures in the blog of my trip!

Also, a huge shout out to my husband for always being so supportive as I change jobs! It is so wonderful to have him in my corner and cheering me on in whatever I choose to do! I missed him and Lane so much! This was the first time I had spent time away from Lane in two years! It was a bit difficult, but I was able to Face Time, call, and SnapChat with them while I was gone! 

The blog will be filled with posts now that we are back home and working on our many projects! 

Keep on Pinning!




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