One Year…

Hello Fellow Pinners!

One year ago today we became first time homeowners!  It IMG_2593has been a whirlwind of a year full of so many wonderful changes!  I cannot believe how much we have done in one year.  Justin has added firefighter/EMT to his belt, along with teaching full-time and building all of my projects!  I have changed schools and started blogging.  Lane is another year older and has changed so much!  We have made so many memories and met so many wonderful new friends on this journey.  We are truly blessed to be so fortunate.  I cannot believe we have lived in our beautiful home for a year!

We have accomplished so many projects!  So many still haven’t hit the blog yet because as I IMG_2592look around they are everyone.  There are also so many projects already in the works.  We have painted all but four rooms in our house and added a home theater system to the basement.  I am slowly starting to become handier and I am in the process of picking out my very first solo project with Justin’s guidance.

In honor of our first year in our home, I am going to highlight a project that is on our gallery wall.  We framed one of our house keys to be featured on our living room wall.

Here is the original pin from the “Our First Home” board!

Here is how ours turned out!  I love this little project.  It warms my heart when I think about all the memories we have made and will make in the future in this home.


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Anniversary Gifts & Scrabble Tiles…Great Combination

Hello Fellow Pinners!

Let the flood of blog posts begin!  This week has been full of organizing the pictures of our projects and finding/taking screenshots of all the projects to link them in the blog for readers to easily access!

My parents are amazing!  They are a perfect example of what it means to marry your best friend.  They are high school sweethearts and survived raising my sister and I, which is no easy feat!  🙂  They are so giving, loving, and have always been there for us.  In the past five years, our family has grown with the addition of two son-in-laws and their first grandson!  Things have changed so much since their first dance in high school.  My parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary last February and I wanted to do something that showed how our family has changed over those 32 years.

Wedding PictureAnniversary Gift Current Photo

After looking at Pinterest, I found these two pins.  I put my own personal spin on them.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.33.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.35.11 PM Click on photos to visit the original pin on our “Our First Home” board.

We tried originally hot gluing the letters onto the glass of the frame with the burlap behind it.  With the heat and humidity of southern Kansas, they slowly began to pop off!  So my mom glued the tiles directly onto the burlap and we had SUCCESS!!

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Everyone Needs Storage

Happy Spring, Pinners,

We have been fortunate to finally have some warmer weather.  It has been great to get outside with our favorite little guy now that he is finally feeling better.  He got a nasty case of croup coupled with a stomach bug.  Poor kid was miserable for about a week.


As a new homeowner, storage is everything.  One kid accumulates A LOT of stuff.  Add a hunter/fisherman and wife who ventures out to hunt occasionally and that makes a GREAT deal of stuff to store.  I saw this awesome pin about storage above your garage door and immediately we headed to Home Depot.  We are on a first name basis with a few of the workers at our local Home Depot.  They know we are either headed to the lumber or paint department.

Here is the original pin from my “Our First Home” board.
Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.20.41 PM

My husband and father-in-law did a great job with our storage and we are so glad we added this to our garage!  We can store everything in our garage up off of the floor and we can easily fit both vehicles in the garage.  Justin is currently working on a modified version in our storage/work room.  I will post pictures as he gets it finished.  Here is our finished product.

20150308_175914We were able to attach the drop down 2x4s into our attic to help support the platform.  We used plywood for our platform base.  If you would like further details, please email us at

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Hello Pinners,

I have to honestly say the kitchen is always my favorite room in the house.  We spend so much time together gathering around our table making memories with friends and family.  It is the central hub of our new house.  The paint is up, one set of cabinets are decorated above, and I finally had the chance to finish up my DIY EAT sign for above my pantry door.

Here is my original pin from my Pinterest board, “Our First Home.”


I hit up Hobby Lobby to buy the PaperStudio paper mach letters.  They are originally $2.99 a piece, but I found them when they were an additional 50% off.  Here is the link to Hobby Lobby’s website to find the letters online.

This project ended up being a very inexpensive project.  I bought my three letters, a can of Krylon’s Cover MAXX Silve Metallic spray paint, and the large 3M strips to hang them.  We used two 3M strips per letter.  This is one of my favorite projects so far.  It was simple, easy, and cheap!


Remember to share your Pinterest Wins with us at  We will even feature your project on our blog!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Daycare Friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Pinners!

I hope your Valentine’s Day turns out to be everything you hoped for.  This is our first experience with sending Valentine’s to daycare with our little guy.  Our son is in the one year old room at his daycare, so candy is out.  With all of the creative Valentine’s on Pinterest, I knew I could find something to send that parents would be as happy as the kids.  Little man loves the squeeze applesauce pouches as do most of the kids in his class.  So off to Pinterest I went.  I found these adorable Valentine’s.  They were perfect.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.04.56 PM

This little guy is absolutely my main squeeze.  I love him to pieces, but he was not thrilled while mom was making the Valentine’s and he couldn’t have an applesauce.  He was not my number one fan, by any means.  So, I had to wait for him to go to bed to finish them.

They make their debut on Friday.  I hope his friends love them as much as he does.


Click the link below to download the PDF version of the tags!
You’re my Main Squeeze Valentines

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Precious Memories…In an Ornament

Happy Holidays, Pinners!

I am loving how many Pinterest projects I have been able to work on over the past few weeks.  This Pinterest win comes from my board, My Favorite Little Man!  I have an almost 20 month old son, who has completely stolen my heart!  I absolutely love being a mom to a little boy!  There is just somethings so special about this bond.  In his 20 months he has taught me so much about life and adventure!  He brightens our day and keeps us on our toes for sure.

I found this amazing ornament idea scrolling through Pinterest when I was pregnant.  I never got around to making this ornament last year, but I am so glad I was able to get it done this year!  Here is the original pin.  The ornament has the hospital baby hat and the hospital bracelets.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 8.32.20 PM

Here is my version of the ornament.  I included his baby hat, his hospital bracelet, and my hospital bracelet.  When I was pregnant, I made our son a baby blanket.  I used my leftover yarn to make the bow on top of the ornament.  I am a bit sentimental…this has to be one of my favorite ornaments on our tree.

DSC_0267 DSC_0269

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Trimming the Tree

Happy Holidays, Pinners!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is picking out our Christmas tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year, we were able to include both our our sets of parents in the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree in our first home.  It took two tree farms, but we finally found it!  It was a beautiful winter day in Iowa, just a little snow on the ground and it was in the mid-40s.  Our son also was able to use is brand new sled for the first time.

My post today, is all about my fabulous tree skirt.  I have seen dozens of tree skirts on Pinterest, but every single one that I had pinned to my All Things Holidays! board were ruffled with burlap and fabric.  When I went on Etsy to order one, I found that they were very, very expensive.  I am in no way good at sewing, but thankfully, my aunt is amazing.  I emailed her a picture of my pinned tree skirt that would be absolutely perfect.  Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 8.54.07 PM

Within four or five days, my new tree skirt was at my door stop from The Windy City.  When I opened the box, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was everything I wanted, from the fabric, to the hemmed burlap, to the ribbon closures.  IT IS PERFECT!  It was the finishing touch to my gorgeous first tree!  Here is a Pinterest win, that we were able to make happen because of my incredibly talented aunt.


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