Hello Fellow Pinners,

So I have been on blogger’s hiatus.  The projects haven’t stopped, I just haven’t been able to get them posted.  We have very little free time, but I am making the blog a priority this year.  We will just say I am starting my New Year’s Resolution early!

We had some much needed relaxation over Thanksgiving.  We drove from Iowa to San Antonio, Texas to visit a great friend who is stationed at Lackland.  The time spent together is short, but very valued and always full of so many memories.  We hung out in much warmer weather, had a great meal, spent time on the River Walk, and took Lane to Sea World (it was a first for everyone, but me).  Lane was mesmerized by the Killer Whales.  He is still talking about them.

The house is starting to fill up with our Christmas traditions.  I am working on gathering all the photographs for a virtual Christmas home tour.  A great way to show off holiday pins and some of my own personal favorites.

A tradition we have started is Elf on the Shelf.  Elf was sent to us from Gramma Great!!  We let Lane name Elf this year…drumroll please…Meet Elf, the Elf.  We have a very original two year old, folks!  Here are our first few shenanigans with Elf.  Lane has loved waking up to look for Elf.

To find some AMAZING Elf ideas, check out our All Things Holidays board.  Here are our finds for Elf this year.  I will continue to update this post every few days as Elf continues his mischievous antics.

This has been more fun than I was expecting.  It is all about the reaction!

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Keep checking this post for Elf updates as Christmas draws near!  The blog is about the become Christmas central.

~Keep on Pinning!