One Year…

Hello Fellow Pinners!

One year ago today we became first time homeowners!  It IMG_2593has been a whirlwind of a year full of so many wonderful changes!  I cannot believe how much we have done in one year.  Justin has added firefighter/EMT to his belt, along with teaching full-time and building all of my projects!  I have changed schools and started blogging.  Lane is another year older and has changed so much!  We have made so many memories and met so many wonderful new friends on this journey.  We are truly blessed to be so fortunate.  I cannot believe we have lived in our beautiful home for a year!

We have accomplished so many projects!  So many still haven’t hit the blog yet because as I IMG_2592look around they are everyone.  There are also so many projects already in the works.  We have painted all but four rooms in our house and added a home theater system to the basement.  I am slowly starting to become handier and I am in the process of picking out my very first solo project with Justin’s guidance.

In honor of our first year in our home, I am going to highlight a project that is on our gallery wall.  We framed one of our house keys to be featured on our living room wall.

Here is the original pin from the “Our First Home” board!

Here is how ours turned out!  I love this little project.  It warms my heart when I think about all the memories we have made and will make in the future in this home.


Keep on Pinning!