What It’s All About

We’ve all seen the funny pins that talk about how women just spend their time pinning things to plan imaginary weddings, find outfits their kids will never wear, and decorate homes that we can’t afford!  They make us chuckle and we just keep pinning.

My husband and I bought our first house this past summer and I instantly turned to Pinterest!  I had a board for our first home before we even knew which house we were buying!  After closing and our first few weeks in our new home, the boxes were slowly emptying and the decorating began.  Pinterest held so many wonderful ideas and pins to help inspire how to turn my empty house into a home.

This is were Makin’ Pinterest Happen came to fruition.  I decided that I wanted to showcase our Pinterest Wins instead of the #PinterestFails we see on our Home Feed from time to time.  I will post my pins that came from my boards with photographs of our before, during, and after while working on each pin.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for my husband and I as we tackle one project at a time.

I am fairly certain that if I start a sentence with, “Well I saw this on Pinterest…” he is ready to jump in the truck and hide in the woods.  He has been working hard on my many projects.  To say that my husband is a perfectionist, does not do it justice.  I have never seen someone put so much effort into even the smallest of projects.  I am so grateful that he is so handy and even more grateful that he is patient enough to listen to all of my ideas that “I found on Pinterest.”  I will not deny, when it comes to the construction and the planning of the projects he does the heavy lifting.  I joke and use the hashtag #ifindhemakes when posting pictures of our projects in process.  I try to help as much as possible, but my areas of strength include the decorating, picking the accent pieces and colors, and finding the projects for us to take on.  I will say, that I am hoping that on this journey, I learn from him and become more handy in the construction aspect.

We are so excited to share these many projects for our home and family.  We have a toddler, who definitely helps make the project work interesting.  He is our main source of entertainment.  I look forward to posting our first few home improvement projects in the upcoming weeks.

Follow me on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/emilylewis94.

-Keep on Pinning-


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